SUBROUTINE init_modules( phase ) 18,36
 USE module_bc                  , ONLY : init_module_bc
 USE module_configure           , ONLY : init_module_configure
 USE module_driver_constants    , ONLY : init_module_driver_constants
 USE module_model_constants     , ONLY : init_module_model_constants
 USE module_domain              , ONLY : init_module_domain
 USE module_machine             , ONLY : init_module_machine
 USE module_nesting             , ONLY : init_module_nesting
 USE module_timing              , ONLY : init_module_timing
 USE module_tiles               , ONLY : init_module_tiles
 USE module_io_wrf              , ONLY : init_module_io_wrf
 USE module_io                  , ONLY : init_module_io
 USE module_wrf_quilt           , ONLY : init_module_wrf_quilt
 USE module_dm                  , ONLY : init_module_dm, split_communicator,hwrf_coupler_init
 USE module_dm                  , ONLY : init_module_dm
#ifdef INTIO
 USE module_ext_internal        , ONLY : init_module_ext_internal
 USE module_wrf_error           , ONLY : init_module_wrf_error

#if ( DA_CORE != 1 )
   USE module_cpl, ONLY : coupler_on, cpl_init

! This routine USES the modules in WRF and then calls the init routines
! they provide to perform module specific initializations at the
! beginning of a run.  Note, this is only once per run, not once per
! domain; domain specific initializations should be handled elsewhere,
! such as in <a href=start_domain.html>start_domain</a>.
! Certain framework specific module initializations in this file are
! dependent on order they are called. For example, since the quilt module
! relies on internal I/O, the init routine for internal I/O must be
! called first.  In the case of DM_PARALLEL compiles, the quilt module
! calls MPI_INIT as part of setting up and dividing communicators between
! compute and I/O server tasks.  Therefore, it must be called prior to
! module_dm, which will <em>also</em> try to call MPI_INIT if it sees
! that MPI has not be initialized yet (implementations of module_dm
! should in fact behave this way by first calling MPI_INITIALIZED before
! they try to call MPI_INIT).  If MPI is already initialized before the
! the quilting module is called, quilting will not work.
! The phase argument is used to allow other superstructures like ESMF to 
! place their initialization calls following the WRF initialization call 
! that calls MPI_INIT().  When used with ESMF, ESMF will call wrf_init() 
! which in turn will call phase 2 of this routine.  Phase 1 will be called 
! earlier.  

 INTEGER, INTENT(IN) :: phase    ! phase==1 means return after MPI_INIT()
                                 ! phase==2 means resume after MPI_INIT()
integer mpi_comm_here,myrank_,ntasks_,ierr_

IF ( phase == 1 ) THEN
 CALL init_module_bc
 CALL init_module_configure
 CALL init_module_driver_constants
 CALL init_module_model_constants
 CALL init_module_domain
 CALL init_module_machine

#ifdef INTIO
 CALL init_module_ext_internal  !! must be called before quilt
# if ( HWRF == 1 ) 
! jm 20150807
! jm this was moved to here so that the coupler can divide up the tasks before the model starts doing it for quilting, nesting etc.
! jm the idea is that the atmosphere will see only the communicator with the tasks it is supposed to use for that stuff
! jm hwrf_coupler_init is defined in external/RSL_LITE/module_dm.F
 CALL hwrf_coupler_init
# endif

# if ( HWRF == 1 )
 CALL init_module_wrf_quilt    !! this *must* be called before init_module_dm
 ! We must never reach this line or phase 2 in an I/O server.
 CALL split_communicator
# else
 CALL split_communicator
 CALL init_module_wrf_quilt    !! this *must* be called before init_module_dm
# endif

 CALL init_module_dm
 CALL init_module_wrf_error ! must be called after init_module_dm

 CALL init_module_nesting
 CALL init_module_timing
 CALL init_module_tiles
 CALL init_module_io_wrf
 CALL init_module_io

! core specific initializations -- add new cores here
#if (EM_CORE == 1)
#  if ( DA_CORE != 1)
 CALL init_modules_em
#  endif
#if (NMM_CORE == 1)
 CALL init_modules_nmm
END SUBROUTINE init_modules